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The digital “avatarization” of our identities has fundamentally changed the way we interact. This has given rise to a social media experience that has become increasingly more divisive. So much so that hyper-reality, FOMO, trolling, and online abuse have become a normal part of our online experience, and common phenomena of an age of diminishing socio-physical connectivity.

Studies show that a growing number of us continue to use social media as an expression of social belonging, typically spending 15% of our waking hours on these platforms on average each day. But while we have certainly become increasingly “connected” in this digital age, we are no longer “connecting”.

In the meantime, human relationships continue to be precipitously virtualized, loneliness is becoming a global epidemic, and social anxiety has become the third largest mental health problem in the world today.


juuj overcomes “avatarization” by focusing on in-person connectivity. It harnesses the power of serendipity to create spontaneous moments in your everyday life.

It does so by uniquely allowing you to connect, explore, and form meaningful in-person relationships with other users in your line-of-sight (up to 100 ft).

Ultimately, juuj was designed to facilitate, simplify and de-stress the process of getting to meet new people, instantly in a new and exciting way

About VooduVibe Inc.

VooduVibe Inc. is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

VooduVibe, through juuj, provides peer-to-peer user discovery, digital event networking management, chat, media and content sharing, and other services to private and commercial users around the world.

VooduVibe aspires to create a frictionless open environment for people to get to know each other.

juuj is a freeware social network platform developed by VooduVibe Inc.

Our Vision

To put the soul back into social networking and help serendipity find you.

Our Mission

To leverage technology to simplify and de-stress the process of meeting new people, instantly in a fun and spontaneous way.

VooduVibe Inc., 548 Market Street (#54602), San Francisco, California 94104-5401