What is a cluster?!

Any gathering of people is classified as a cluster and an opportunity to connect!

Planning a gathering? Create an exciting event cluster, add venue photos, invite attendees, and let juuj power-up your social!

Whatever the occasion, you can power-up your social with juuj…

Spark moments of magic between your guests by allowing any combination of social, professional, and romantic compatibility scoring!



Anyone can create an event, whether for professional occasions, like business meetings or staff presentations, or for social occasions, like a birthday party or wedding reception.

You can also use Socialite to create social communities, like communities organized by venue managers to juuj-up social interactions between their patrons in bars, restaurants, and clubs, or other communities, including student, corporate, and residential communities.


Socialite enhances your social experience at events by making it easier for you and other attendees to discover, explore, interact, and meet with one another.

Start networking, generating leads, and socializing with other users in a fun, exciting, and spontaneous way.

Curate your social experience and find your spot before you've even left your door-step…

Unprecedented in lifestyle networking is juuj's ability to provide you with live social insights about each event & community listed on your feed.

This means that your choice of venue will always be aligned with the social experience you want to have!

Contextual interface based on the type of event you are entering…

Don’t just attend an event... experience it with Socialite